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Adimo App

Making mobile grocery shopping super simple

Project Info

Primarily a concept app design, Adimo wanted a mobile app design that would help them revolutionise how users do their grocery shopping on mobile devices.

By changing the mental model of grocery shopping slightly the app meant users could shop by searching for recipes rather than individual ingredients.

Adimo logo

Putting what you want to eat front and center

Shortening the journey

Reducing decision fatigue

The decision to allow users to shop for recipes, rather than individual ingredients, was pivotal to the design of the app. It reduces the cognitive load of shopping online.

Rather than needing to keep a list of ingredients in mind while shopping online, users simply selected a recipe they would like to cook. The ingredients for the recipe would then be added to their shopping list ready for checkout on the retailer site.

Adimo App mockup
Adimo App screens in Sketch

Research based design

The app itself was always thought to be a contender as a future project and as such I made sure that adequate levels of research and analysis were done prior to design. This included in person interviews and surveys with grocery shoppers as well as online user testing.

The initial concept used the amazing Do UI Kit from Invision as a starting point. This allowed for rapid developement of ideas and a consistent style (at this point Adimo did not have a consistent brand styleguide).

UI and interaction Design

Tooling & Examples

Another Adimo App example Another Adimo App example Another Adimo App example
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