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Analytics Dashboard

Making the numbers super simple to understand

Project Info

Analytics is the oil of the product development engine and, alongside user testing, keeps the cogs turning by giving product managers and designers valuable data to inform future decisions.

Adimo's previous dashboard was overly complex, it wasn't easy to use, never mind understand the intrinsic nuances of the campaign data we were collecting. In addition to this our monthly reporting was being done manually in excel spreadsheets which was a real productivity killer.

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Turning numbers into a story

Visualising user behaviour

Visualising the data

I redesigned the UI and presented the data more visually, made it easier to assimilate and spot and follow trends as they presented themselves.

Among the many changes were: the ability to easy compare two sets of data not only graphically but numerically in the data widgets, making it possible for the team to compare A/B testing data without leaving the dashboard, generating printable, downloadable PDF reports using a print stylesheet, and including a visual representation of the purchase funnel.

Adimo Analytics screens in Sketch
Adimo Analytics in use

The purchase funnel

The purchase funnel was introduced to give clients, and Adimo's staff, a clear understanding of the journey users take in our technology allowing them to see where users were dropping off and informing brand marketing, and internal, product focused, decisions as a result.

UI and interaction Design

Tooling & Examples

Another Adimo Analytics example Another Adimo Analytics example Another Adimo Analytics example
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