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Campaign Builder

A smarter way to build and design campaigns with Adimo

Project Info

A young and upcoming adtech team looking to change how users interact with FMCG advertising online.

With projects ranging from HTML5 display to Video On Demand Adimo needed something to help the account managers get up and running with campaigns quickly and easily.

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Simplifying the complex

User Interface Design

Covering all the bases

Adimo’s legacy system was so complex it often meant that the account management team needed the support of our CTO to ensure they were filling in the fields correctly.

Odd naming conventions for standard functionality also caused confusion where there should have been none.

Adimo Admin before and after
Campaign builder screens


The solution meant separating out many of the steps to make sure that the user (in this case the account managers) can understand what they need to do at any given time during campaign set up.

An additional constraint that was always a problem when setting up client campaigns was the ability to design them ourselves. This resulted in a section of the Campaign Builder devoted directly to design, with drag and drop images for backgrounds and logos, and access to the Google Fonts library for typography.

UI and interaction Design

Tooling & Examples

Another Campaign Builder Screen Another Campaign Builder Screen Another Campaign Builder Screen
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