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Shoppable Video

Tranforming pre-roll advertising

Project Info

In a world where digital media is held to ransom by the sensibilities of traditional advertising formats, one designer has an idea that could change the way brands use video advertising online forever.

Video on demand advertising has a problem it is pretty difficult to know if someone is interested in buying your products from metrics such as views, or completions. This touchpoint aims to solve some of those problems and give brands more insight into the behaviour of the customers online

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Updating a traditional advertising medium

Exploring a new purchase mechanic

Prototyping the unknown

An interactive purchase mechanic hadn't ever been embedded into a video on demand (VOD) touchpoint before so it was important that the concept was sound. Framer Studio allowed me to prototype the interactions and test the concept with the team internally.

This version of the prototype was received very well, and it was decided that this would be the initial version of the touchpoint. Unfortunately, due to restricitions with the platform the intergration was being built to work with, we were unable to use animations and transitions of this nature.

VOD Prototyping in Framer
VOD Touchpoint on the web

The final-final-last version

After a number of rounds of design and development, as well as incorporating client feedback, I designed the final version of the VOD touchpoint.

So far Nescafé, San Pellegrino and Harringtons Pet Food have used this touchpoint in their campaigns with positive results. The more it is used the more I will be able to gauge its effectiveness from the data we collect.

UI and interaction Design

Tooling & Examples

Another VOD touchpoint example Another VOD touchpoint example Another VOD touchpoint example
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Framer Studio

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